Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mint in water - results after 2 weeks

2 weeks ago I started a small experiment to find out if mint can live in water.

Here's the results :-

This bottle did fine.. all the leaves are healthy and some root growth.

This one had the best results

A close up of the roots. It has the most root growth compared to the rest of the mint.

This one didn't do so well. Many dried up and died leaving the pitiful few on top.

This one is ok but with one of the three stems totally drying up and wilted.


Mint can leave in water but looks like only 60% of mine is okay. I guess I will return those wilting back to soil and only keep the successful/strong ones in water. 

I still don't know why some did better than others. Perhaps like the one with lots of root growth it was because only half of the root was in water? The other half could "breathe" exposed to air? Just an assumption.