Thursday, 13 August 2015

DIY Budget Aquaponics

Today I took the plunge!

After watching countless, YouTube videos on how successful budget Aquaponics is on growing herbs and vegetables, I am inspired to try it myself. 

Just take a look at the success of this 'window' gardener (hydroponics instead of aquaponics but it is the same basic principles).

So today, passing by an aquarium shop @  Ikano Power Centre(PJ), I bought the tube and air pump for the water irrigation to the plants. The air-pump is probably the highest cost  (RM 25.50). The tubing for water and air is only RM 3.07. Both of which is to make a cheap 'air lift' system to bring water up to the grow beds for the plants. (see youtube video right at the bottom for how an air lift pump works)

I'll probably need to get some fishes (goldfish most probably) and a small firstwater tank.

Picture courtesy of Vinil Ratnakara (inventor of the 'miniponics' system above) 

Here in this video he goes about showing how cheap and easy it was to set up his aquaponics system :

Air-lift pump in aquaponics:

Of course, I am no expert in doing all of the above, so wish me luck!

My setup in next blog post...