Friday, 24 July 2015

My new favourite vege - Ulam Raja

First had this strange ulam in a mamak mixed rice shop in Shah Alam. It went well with my chicken kurma curry and rice. It had that hint of tangy mango taste which I really liked.

After that, I Googled it to find out it's name is Ulam Raja. Next I wanted to plant it so asked a Malaysian who posted on YouTube about this Ulam Raja. He even sent me the seeds (all the way from Sabah!!) for free. 

Anyway I did receive his seeds safely in an envelope which I did plant and is now growing fast.

At the same time my mom got some from the pasar for just  RM 1 a bunch. She saved the stems and planted it in soil.

After a few days it looked like it was dying.

However after 2 weeks the leaves started growing.

This is after 2 months ....

Together with the grown seeds I now have a good supply of ulam with my dishes ... :) 

Give it a try. This vege can grow from stems/cuttings.