Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mosquito experiment

Left this bottle of water out in the open and of course living in a mosquito infested place it didn't take long for mosquito to lay eggs in it.

I figure half a day for the larvae to hatch so I have time...

The camera can't seem to capture a clear picture of all larvae, which is like a dozen of them (trust me!)

There! one clear shot of the larvae. Water was just left overnight. That's how fast they hatch.

Of course, it's bad to let them become adult mosquitoes so immediately they serve a greater purpose as fish food !!

I only have one lone guppy in there, but it is one happy guppy :) 

P/S: Incidentally guppies are also known as mosquito fish as they have a healthy appetite for mosquito larvae. The pot is part of my mini aquaponics with perlite where I first germinated my durian seed.

Will leave the water bottle out again to collect more larvae.